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'Sup. Laure, 19, frenchy, with a big interest in drawings, music, and so much more. Or at least just a girl who wants to share what happens in her crazy mind.

Though I'll mostly post drawing on this blog.

▬ I draw many things, so be sure not to see the same style everytime ! ▬ Feel free to suggest me to do something, even if I don't take request (not that I don't want, but it takes TIME guys, and a lot of work.). I'll be caring about your feedbacks though ! ▬ I'll also post random or personal stuff ; maybe photographies. Depends on my mood or my feelings. ▬ You can ask me anything ! Suggestions, how I work,... anything. ▬ Feel free to follow me on FB, DA, or twitter. ▬ I don't know what to say anymore. ▬

And hey. Love you guys.


Who am I ? Student in psychology in Metz ▬ Likes playing video-games and piano in my free-time ▬ Doesn't speak fluent english, so please, forgive my mistakes ♥ ▬ So that's all 'cause you'll know me through this blog ▬ Oh btw ; have a nice day.


“There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be you, proving them wrong.”
Female body practise.
Thanks to all the girls who post reference stocks on Deviantart.
I couldn’t draw anything for WEEKS. It was ike my hand forgot how to do it. But today, after listening to Nell’s albums, I felt like I needed to draw something peaceful and relaxing. This band always gives me inspiration when I listen to it. I love those guys.  It’s only the background tho, and I’ll add a few more things in there, but for now, it just feels good to paint something again.
CNU - Cheer up by LT-Av

Keep on smiling guys. It’s important.

For you who get through a hard time, or for you who just need to be cheered up a bit. 

And if you’re already happy, then don’t be greedy to yourselves and try to be more of it. Always. There’s never enough hapiness in a human being.

And everyone deserves it.

Eheh. See ya.
Love u guys.
Hello you.
G-dragon - Falling snow | Black Version by LT-Av

And so I finished those drawings.
Happy holidays guys.
G-dragon - Falling snow | White Version by LT-Av
Kim Jaejoong by LT-Av
And so I just finished this one. What a talented and handsome man.